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Welcome to Messy and Picky’s guide to Philly restaurants.
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We are a newly married couple with unique needs and tastes. We eat out way more than we can afford to. We do this site strictly for fun and have no qualifications except for the fact that they like to eat and they do it often. Picky is a carnivorous Asian accustomed to fine tastes, rare meats and spicy-ass kim-chi. Messy is an All-American vegetarian who would be happy eating grilled cheese sandwiches three times a day, and knows a bargain when she sees one.

All of our ratings are out of 5 stars, 5 being the best.

All photos were taken by and are the property of Albert Yee.
Messy is a media researcher and environmental educator who would usually rather be watching television.

Picky is a freelance photographer, who takes photos everywhere he goes, and a staffer at The Fair Food Farmstand spreading the localization gospel. You can see Picky’s portfolio at albertyee.com.

Picky maintains his personal blog, Philly. Follow him on twitter @dragonballyee.
Featured as one of Philadelphia’s Top 10 food blogs 3.2009

Rick Nichols comes to the 5th installment of the food blogger potluck – On the Side/Inquirer 12.11.08

Featured in Frommer’s Travel Guides 8.7.07

Interviewed by Campus Philly 8.02.07

Featured in the City Paper 8.10.06

Featured in the City Paper 11.02.06

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