Sbobet Pai Gow

Casino is not only about Blackjack, Baccarat and more because Sbobet offers the best casino games like Pai Gow Poker which is unique and fun.

How to Play sbobet club Pai Gow Poker

When you talk about casino, perhaps the list of games in your mind is Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack or slot. However, there are still many games you need to play so you can get the best experience in playing casino and you may not just play something regular only but there is chance to explore.

Just like sportsbook, Sbobet also makes their casino games so fun with many popular games in the world. Poker belongs to casino but this master agent has another different poker that makes you think twice before playing because not all pokers are the same and you need to be detailed.

Learning to Play Pai Gow on Sbobet

When you play casino, the most common game you may choose is Poker. This is your favorite and lifetime game but you can tru another poker game which is called Pai Gow Poker. As the famous master agent, Sbobet always gives you the unique games so you may not be bored anyway.

In this game, you may play against dealer or house and not with other bettors. The dealer will give you 7 cards as well as him or herself but the dealer will do it on rotation. After card is distributed, you can take a look and after that, arrange 5 cards based on the poker combination and 2 other cards will be your hand.

The 5 cards must be higher in rank than 2 cards. Each hand will be compared with dealer’s and if your hands are all higher than dealer’s in rank, then you win. If both hands are lower, then you may lose. If both of you and dealer win over one hand each, Sbobet will call it as a push.